Accommodating students with hiv

Slower processing of information will occur even if the student is ‘trying his best’ and impacts the effort required, and fatigue resulting from, test-taking.

It will often take a student with hearing loss longer to read the text and take longer for them to pull the information from memory.

Depending on their disability, they use a variety of accommodations and equipment.

Most students who are visually disabled will need extended time for tests, exams and projects and will use readers at these times.

Students who are visually disabled vary considerably.

Some have no vision, others can see large shapes and some can read standard print if magnified.

Students with chronic illness or pain may have limited energy and difficulty walking, standing or sitting for a long time.

Their pain, and/or side-effects of medications, may cause them to become dizzy or confused, making it hard for them to pay attention in classes, complete out of class assignments, do library research, and stayed focused during exams.

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If your office is not in an accessible building, make appointments in places that are accessible.

When teaching a student with any disability, remember, you are the model for the students in your class in how you respond to the student with the disability.

Encourage the student to participate in the class activities and be sensitive to the student’s needs, but do not expect less work or achievement from him or her.

Some students can read lips and others cannot; some communicate orally and others use sign language, gestures, writing or a combination of methods.

Students who have some usable hearing may use a device to a amplify sounds; in class they may rely on hearing aids alone, or they may use an “assistive listening device.” When students are using assistive listening devices, instructors may be asked to wear cordless lapel micro transmitters.


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