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For example, "Hey Dad, you keep talking about Virginia and all the fun you two are having. How about all of us going out to dinner this weekend?

" In most instances, your fears will be allayed, because Mom or Dad is likely to be approaching this new relationship in a reasonable fashion, particularly if this has been their pattern over the years.

Other general health issues need to be considered as well.

Can a man or woman with cardiovascular disease—and who has had stents inserted after a heart attack—safely be sexual again?

However, if something of an exploitative nature does appear to be going on, more serious follow-up conversations may need to take place.

While being outwardly open minded, a significant number of middle-aged adults have more than a little difficulty thinking about Mom or Dad being with a new partner.” So, what do you do if you know that Mom or Dad is dating again, particularly if they're seeing someone on an ongoing basis?How about meeting the new partner before making any judgment?Again, I'm not making any judgments about whether you are or are not planning to become sexually active.I just wanted to make sure you take care of yourself, whatever you choose." There may be a lot of blushing and/or harrumphing, but it is the right thing to do.A cardiologist is the person to consult, but in most instances, the answer is yes.


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