Datagridview datasource not updating

To ensure users are seeing current data, consider using published links to share a dashboard.These links are automatically refreshed as the data is refreshed and can be protected by a password if required.CREATE TABLE `animals` ( `id` mediumint(9) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` char(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=My ISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=9 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1$$ On MSSQL you can use something like CREATE TABLE [dbo].[animals]( [id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [name] [char](30) NOT NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] GO alter table animals add constraint PK_animals primary key ( id ) go The last line "alter table... If you don't add it, you will not get the exception behavior (not adding the constraint basically implies that Data Reader. Get Schema Table returns Is Key=False for Id column, and so the typed dataset doesn't get the Unique Constraint in the respective Data Table). If you want to refresh your data in real-time, you can use the Klipfolio API to push data to the dashboard.For more information on using the Klipfolio API see Klipfolio API Reference Guide. I have tried creating a brand new form and just adding a datagridview to it that is bound to my table (no "hand written code") and still get the same error:- System. No Null Allowed Exception: Column 'ID' does not allow nulls. Changing the column in the dataset designer Allow DBNull = True does not make any difference.

If you use a data-source control and call the Grid View's Data Bind method, the Grid View will make a call to the data-source Select method and rebind the new values.

For more information on published links see How do I share my dashboards using published links?

Description: Scenario Using Visual Studio 2010 to create a screen with a datagridview.

Set the datasource of the datagridview to a table containing a primary key (auto-increment). Data Grid View Row Event Args) Handles Data Grid View1. 6.3.6 appeared to install OK but ended up with 102 errors in my application similar to :- 'My Sql. Net framework on this project previously as I cannot get it to work that way now. Hi I was testing this, and after some troubleshooting the issue is reproducible with both MSSQL & My SQL, so It looks like it is by design.

Add a subroutine to set the default value of this column to zero as follows:- Private Sub Data Grid View1_Default Values Needed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Below details on how to reproduce: On My SQL, you can create a table as follow.


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