Dating tecniques

Women with the fear of vomiting may experience extreme distress at the thought of becoming pregnant and experiencing morning sickness.Women with the fear of morning sickness may delay starting families, and some may choose to never have children at all due to the fear of recurrent vomiting during pregnancy.This can leave otherwise bright and capable individuals stagnating in jobs that are beneath their true capabilities.

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In my South Florida psychological practice (Palm Beach County, FL), I rarely encounter cases of “vomit phobia” that truly represent simple phobias.

The fear of vomiting can affect individuals of all ages.

It sometimes emerges in childhood and, if untreated, may follow a relatively chronic course.

They may have more absences from work and may avoid work-related travel, which can affect opportunities for advancement.

They will often dread meetings, during which they may feel trapped and uncomfortable, and may avoid certain job responsibilities like public-speaking or presenting.


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