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Brazil Height: 1.88 m Mother Agency: Way Model Management (Sao Paulo) Agencies: Wilhelmina Models (New York, Los Angeles), Elite L’Uomo (Milan), MGM (Paris), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), nest model management (Berlin), Scoop Models (Copenhagen), Modelwerk (Germany), Born: July 5, 1989.Kennesaw, Georgia Height: 1.85 m Mother Agency: VNY MODELS Born: November 5, 1989.Seeking comfort and security, Cilla comes to depend on Ford, who elected her as model for his next hammer-swinging Celtic comic heroin, and they fall in love.Janet's stuff yields intriguing information which proves relevant for the present aggression, with unexpected ramifications. See more » ***SPOILERS*** Going back to her roots in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley former child movie star Cilla Mc Gowan, Brittany Murphy, is determined to restore her grandmother's,the legendary Academy Award winning actress and singer, Janet Hardy (Tiffany Morgan) southern mansion.There's also the fact that Janet was also having an affair with one of her neighbors that by Cilla uncovering his love letters, all unsigned, to her strongly hinted that she got pregnant by him!This may well have lead, in Janet's lover trying to save his marriage, to her murder not suicide as reported by the, back then in 1971, local coroner!After all, a character that is intentionally written poorly is still a poorly written character.See also The Ace, which does much the same thing but with a supporting character.

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See full summary » Claire has worked for Denny for four years, and been in love with him from afar.A famous photographer, Jo Ellen Hathaway, has been being stalked for quite some time.She returns to the island she grew up on in an effort to get away from the stalker and get some ...Nate Burns accepts a job as chief of police in Lunacy, Alaska, hoping to to get away from the traumatic death of his partner back in Baltimore.He meets Meg, an independent bush pilot, whose father is found dead in a mountain cave.England, United Kingdom Height: 1.88 m Mother Agency: Select Model Management (London) Agencies: Ford Models (New York), New Madison (Paris), Why Not Model Management (Milan), View Management (Barcelona), IMM Bruxelles Born: May 13, 1991.


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