Gary oldman and dating

Hide Bloody typical, you wait years for a good Churchill impersonation to come along and a bunch arrive at the same time.

Sure it drags a bit and wields a heavy hand, but it is a wartime biopic after all. The cinematography is slick, the lighting moody, and Oldman’s Churchill is not the only one who smells like an Oscar.

1990 - 1992Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman were married between 19 after meeting on the set of "State of Grace." At 12 years her senior, Oldman was already a veteran actor.

This couple were enthralled enough to tie the knot, but divorced in 1992, just two years after getting it together.

1994 - 1996Gary Oldman dated Isabella Rossellini after they met on the set of "Immortal Beloved," and they were engaged, but they never actually made it down the aisle.

In fact, the two were rumored to be engaged in July 1994 but separated two years later.


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