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UNM’s efforts are beginning to attract international attention.A recent article in The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain explores UNM’s collaboration with Central University College Accra in Ghana, citing the way UNM uses technology to address a complex local problem in Africa.These physician assistants-in-training are often the only medical assistance available in their small villages.

She conducted focus groups with students who came on campus and brought the results back so the design team at UNM could improve the learning designs.

The students are carefully grouped according to region, so that when an individual can’t solve a particular medical problem, they can sometimes catch a bus to a nearby village and work with another student to find an answer.

The challenge the UNM student volunteers have taken on is finding technical ways to get current information about treating medical problems faced by pregnant women and women with small children into the hands of the students.

The initial grant to buy equipment and set up the pilot program is expiring so the group consisting of Ghanian, Canadian and UNM collaborators is hoping to prepare a request for a larger grant to continue the program and to expand the online classes to a larger group of health providers in Ghana.

UNM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Central University College in Ghana to facilitate this international collaboration.


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