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He returned to Toronto and Second City in 1986 as a cast member in the Second City's Toronto main stage show, Second City Theatre.

In 1988, he moved from Second City in Toronto to Chicago.

Myers also appeared as Wayne Campbell in the music video for Ward's Canadian hit "Boys and Girls".

Myers played both the title role (Austin Powers) and the villain (Dr.

Wayne appeared both in studio and in a series of location sketches directed and edited by Allan Novak.

Myers wrote another sketch, "Kurt and Dieter", co-starring with Second City's Dana Andersen and also directed by Novak, which would later turn into the popular "Sprockets" sketch on Saturday Night Live.

He later moved to the United Kingdom, where in 1985 he was one of the founding members of The Comedy Store Players, an improvisational group based at The Comedy Store in London.

The next year, he starred in the British children's TV program Wide Awake Club, parodying the show's normal exuberance with his own "Sound Asleep Club", in partnership with Neil Mullarkey.


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