Who is yvonne nelson dating

A smart man or woman takes interest in examining the ex-partners of the person he or she has an interest in, as it can give clues as to the sort of person the individual is…

Celebrities are weirdly unstable when it comes to relationship and therefore having multiple ex-partners is not a big deal in their world.

I just miss loving someone and being loved in return. I can’t say I want a Nigerian, or a Gambian or a Cameroonian. All along he’d been saying that we’re friends and all of a sudden he turns around to claim that it was more than a friendship. On her relationship with Iyanya: We did have a relationship. On learning from past relationships: Don’t believe the hype. A man who is all-sexual from the very beginning is a no go area; he just wants to jump into bed into you. That’s why people think that John Dumelo and I have a thing, because John is such a perfect friend.

Yvonne Nelson has all talking about her love life…again!

Although I think Jimmy is a little too happy and up close to her to be a married man, they do not look like a couple, and there’s no recent stories about Jimmy leaving his wife.

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Pappy Kojo posted a picture of himself and Yvonne on Facebook with the caption ”S3 menyano me nfa nky3n” which can be translated in English as ”I won’t spare if I get it” and the question here is,what exactly is Pappy talking about if not what is under Yvonne’s skirt?

It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Kyra is “lord”(Source).

Source Source After a quick search into both of their instagram pages for Yvonne @yvonnenelsongh and Jimmy @jimmyjeanlouis, they just look like two friends having fun.

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has not had it good with dating Nigerian men and she is not even going to pretend about it.

According to her Nigerians men are the greatest liars in Africa.


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